5 Tips for Claustrophobia

Claustrophobia can be a very scary situation. You may seem fine for a few minutes but then the panic sets in and before you know it you’re breathing heavily and your heart starts to pound. Not only does this cause more anxiety but it seems like time is just going by so slowly! It feels as if you’re never going to get out of the situation and be safe again! For those who have never been in this type of situation or for those who do not suffer from claustrophobia it can be quite hard to describe or imagine but for those who suffer from it, it can be a really big nightmare!

5 Tips for Claustrophobia

There are a few tips and tricks that you can try next time you feel claustrophobic. One of them is try to relax.  I know that seems complicated and a bit elementary but relaxation can actually really help. In that very moment it may seem a bit challenging to think of anything other than your current situation but close your eyes and just take a few deep breaths. This is something that will take some time so don’t expect it to work the very first time that you try it but with a bit of practice and concentration you can really get through any claustrophobic situation!

Controlling your breathing is a great step to help you calm down. Breathing is something that we all do anyway without any thought or knowledge but make sure that if you start to breath heavy you try your best to focus and slow the breathing with nice controlled precision.

Another step in overcoming claustrophobia is to put yourself in a scary position. This isn’t something that you should do right away and it should be done with practice and caution but if you know that crowded elevators scare you and you avoid them at all cost then perhaps you should try your hand at stepping on one again! It’s best if you do this with someone that you trust such as a friend, relative or even a therapist. Have someone there with you to help talk you through it and get you past your anxieties and fears.

Becoming an expert is another great tip. If you find yourself in claustrophobic situations often then you should be spending some time finding an escape route. That means if you’re in a garage and you’re feeling a bit frightened then make sure you know where your exits are and how to clearly get to them.

Another tip is give yourself some space!

If elevators scare but you’re looking to improve your ability to get on them then make sure that you feel comfortable while you’re inside. That means if an elevator crammed full of people terrifies you more than one that’s not so full then wait out the ride! When the elevator comes back around get on when there are less people.

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