5 Tips to Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking can be very difficult. Many people start this process, but then give into their urge to smoke and get off track.

5 Tips to Quit Smoking

To help you quit smoking for good, there are 5 easy tips that you can follow. 

  1. It is most effective to quit smoking if you have a plan in place. This involves setting a date. Like other monumental events in your life, you should set a day to begin your smoke free journey through life. Having a specific date set will make you more likely to stay with your goal. If you pick a day a month from when you begin thinking of quitting smoking, you will likely be more successful. That will enable you to have a plan in place, but not enough time to convince yourself to keep smoking. Avoid trying to quit smoking during the holidays, because stressful situations will trigger your urge to smoke. Try to pick a neutral date to quit that will help to make this process of quitting smoking possible. Goals are more apt to be achieved with a strict plan in place.
  2. Asking for help and support from other sources can also aid you in being able quit smoking. If you make your friends and family aware of your goal, you will be more motivated to achieve it. This will also provide you with a support system to encourage you during your weakest moments. It can also be beneficial to avoid people that smoke and situations where smoking is most prevalent. If your friends and family are aware of your decision to quit smoking they will be more likely not to smoke around you.
  3. The biggest key to help you quit smoking is to not smoke at all. This may sound like a no-brainer, but many people try to smoke occasionally when they begin quitting. However, that method rarely works. You must not smoke and get rid of all your smoking accessories. This includes all your lighters and ashtrays. Try to make smoking as inconvenient as possible, so you don't start smoking again.
  4. Be aware that you may experience some mild withdrawal symptoms. This is common for most people early on in their journey to quit smoking. Avoid situations that trigger your craving to smoke and find alternative ways to feed your craving. This can be accomplished by chewing gum or eating candy. Find some way to divert your attention away from smoking.
  5. Stay motivated no matter what happens. You may falter and have a few cigarettes, but don't let that discourage you. Keep a tally of the money you are saving on cigarettes to motivate you and reward yourself for accomplishing your goal. Every day that you quit smoking will be a step toward a healthier lifestyle.

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