A Guide To More Self-Esteem

People with an adequate amount of self esteem feel at ease and more confident in their lives. Those with a lowered amount of self esteem, however, can become depressed, lethargic and unmotivated to make a difference in their lives.

A Guide To More Self-Esteem

Even though you can actually lose your self esteem over time, there's just as many ways to increase your self esteem. Before we can talk about raising our self esteem, let's learn about the types of self esteem we can have. 

There's two distinct forms of self esteem. The first is constant self esteem that applies to all aspects of our lives. Situational self esteem applies to specific situations where we have confidence and self assurance, but little self esteem in others. A lot of people possess a good amount of self esteem within the comforts of their home, as an example, but feel anxious and/or lethargic in places like work or school. 

How can we get more self esteem?

Here are a few tips to help anyone, whether feeling helpless or not, regain a healthy sense of self worth:

  • Take better care of yourself. A big part of losing self esteem is neglecting basic self care, whether it's physical or mental. It's always best to make the best lifestyle choices befitting your needs, which may include joining self-help groups, maintaining your health and even making better diet/exercise choices. 
  • Find out what triggers your low self esteem. Another large part of improving your self esteem is confronting those fears and sources of stress that makes our self esteem essentially drain. Confronting those issues actually helps us quickly find out the real problems causing that same issue, making us much more stronger in the end. 
  • Start learning how to relax. Not everything is your fault—in fact, this is a main issue with people suffering from lowered self esteem. Worrying too much about things out of your control causes your to harbor those same thoughts, making your life more difficult. Start relaxing more and think positive, avoiding placing blames on yourself for the smallest issues. 
  • Acknowledge your self esteem. If you know you're confident and self assured, understand what makes you feel that way. There's nothing wrong with evaluating yourself in a positive way. 

Raising your self esteem is a matter of understanding certain aspects of yourself. Having low self esteem, is simply harboring a negative opinion of yourself. This comes about when something in our lives happens that makes us reevaluate who we are.

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