Fear of Heights – A Guide

If you have a fear of heights then you are going to be suffering from acrophobia. Now, you might think that this means you are going to be experiencing vertigo when it comes to this fear. But, that is not always the case. You may never have this symptom. Rather, you could have a very intense fear and panic when you are exposed to heights. When this happens you are going to see that you might not trust yourself and you need to grab something that you can cling to because you are not sure of yourself.

Fear of Heights – A Guide

Those individuals that are suffering from acrophobia are going to begin worrying about situations where they are going to be experiencing heights. In fact, if you are suffering from this you will notice that you might begin to worry about a vacation that is coming up because you are worried that you are going to be exposed to heights. These thoughts often take the forefront of your mind and you may find yourself thinking about these things all of the time.  

So, you think that you are suffering from a fear of heights? Then you will want to find some help for this condition. At least you will be able to function more appropriately when you get the help that you need. There is help out there. However, you will find that this is not the type of assistance that is going to make things better over night. It will take some time and you will need to keep working on it. One of the main treatment options that you will have is going to be cognitive behavioral therapy. When you undergo this type of treatment you will be learning different ways to stop your obsessive thoughts and to begin working through your fears. This will take a lot of work and it is not going to be corrected over night.  

Finally, if you are suffering from an anxiety disorder such as this and you would like to be able to work through it and have a greater likelihood of success then you will want to speak with your doctor about putting you on medication as well. There are some medications that have been coupled with therapy and have had positive effects when it comes to treating acrophobia.

It is certainly worth looking into both of these options if you are concerned about your condition.  

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