Get rid of jealousy

Jealousy is a common and perfectly natural emotion that everyone feels sometimes. On its own, and felt only once in a while, it isn't necessarily harmful. Unfortunately, jealousy often shows up unannounced and camps out with no intention of leaving. Once it has its hooks in, it can be a very difficult, nagging feeling to deal with. Getting rid of jealous feelings isn't easy but it can be learned over time.

Get rid of jealousy

The first step is one of the hardest: you need to figure out why you're jealous. It's never as simple as "he looks at other women" or "she texts people all the time." So why do these specific behaviors trigger jealousy in you? It's important to remember that jealousy is actually a kind of fear and, like, fear, can be controlled through learning coping mechanisms.

If you are afraid that he will leave you for another woman - why? If you are afraid that she is texting someone more interesting than you - why does this scare you? Have you been cheated on in the past? Have you yourself cheated on someone? Are you insecure about your appearance or job? Are you naturally pessimistic about your situation or the people in your life? To get rid of jealousy, you must first learn what it is that you are actually worried about or afraid of.

Putting these fears into perspective is never easy and they can seem insurmountably huge when it's time to face them. Talk to you friends, family, and significant other about these worries to get another view of the situation and where the difference between what you see and what everyone else sees starts to occur. Getting an outside perspective can really help you to spot and cope with feelings of jealousy.

It can help to face your fears. If her nights out without you make you nervous or if his female friends make you think twice about letting him go out, it might be time to beat those fears. Go out with your significant other's friends, especially those of the same sex as yourself, and see what a normal night out without you might hold. Don't let your imagination run wild anymore now that you've met his mates.

It's never going to be easy to beat jealousy but facing it head-on instead of letting it set up camp inside of your head is going to yield better results every time.

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