How to get rid of fear of flying

There are many people that are afraid to fly in this world. This fear of flying is called flying anxiety and it can be at the least an inconvenience and at worst a true roadblock for those that suffer from it. There can be assorted causes for this fear including a bad experience on a previous flight or simply knowing someone that has such a high level of anxiety that they have passed it along unknowingly. Yes, anxiety is contagious! No matter the cause of the fear there are ways to fight and eventually defeat it so that one can fly without fear either for the first time or once again.

How to get rid of fear of flying

There are different methods for dealing with the fear of flying depending on how severe truly is. Each person is unique and different and their levels of anxiety are going to vary between them as well. It could simply be a matter of learning relaxation techniques to employ during the flight to rid one's self of the anxiety or it might require progressive, ongoing therapy that takes baby steps toward actually being able to board the plane and fly without fear.  

If the flight anxiety has crossed the bridge from anxiety and fear to full blown phobia then it is likely that professional help might be needed in dealing with the problem. If it is still at the simple anxiety and fear level then one can probably cope with it by employing relaxation and distraction techniques before and during take off, flight, and landing in order to creating a positive flight experience and dismiss the fear naturally. The only person that understands the depth of the situation is the one existing in the situation.  

Determining if one required professional help to overcome their fear of flying or if they can do this on their own is a personal decision that only the person suffering from the fear can make. There is no wrong or right answer to it. There is just finding the correct solution that works in that specific case. No two people are the same and the causes are just as diverse for flight anxiety. If the first thing tried does not work do not be discouraged.

Try another method and keep going until this fear has been done away with.

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