How to Overcome Claustrophobia

Believe it or not claustrophobia is actually pretty common. You may not have ever suffered from it and it may not be something that you’re personally familiar with but chances are you’ve heard of it and you probably know a little about it even if it’s not in full detail. One thing that may surprise you is that we all have claustrophobia it’s just that some of us control it and others need professional help to deal with it.

How to Overcome Claustrophobia

Have you ever been in an elevator when it’s full and it suddenly stops? Perhaps you haven’t given it much thought before but if you’ve started to feel a bit stressed about the situation then chances are you’ve experienced some claustrophobia. It’s very common for an individual to have some type of panic, it’s a natural response but for some individuals it doesn’t take much to get them frantic and scared.  For those that suffer from claustrophobia everyday can be a struggle. It can be challenging for them to get up and face the day especially if they live a fairly busy lifestyle and work or travel in more populated areas. Using the subway or riding an elevator can send them through the roof. In just a few short minutes their blood can be pumping and they can be quite terrified!

If you or someone you know suffers from claustrophobia then there’s good news. This is a type of condition that responds very well to treatment and therefore seeking the appropriate help can help you tame or overcome your claustrophobia. You may have some underlying fear that you weren’t able to classify but if you feel you have a problem then seeking help can allow you to properly identify your problem.

NLP training or neuro-linguistic programming can be of great benefit to those who suffer from this type of condition. NLP helps teach you recognize signs that may lead to fear or a panic attack. Once you’ve gotten a firm grip on the fear and how to calm yourself you can successfully overcome it in that moment. You should keep in mind that therapy or NLP training is not something that happens overnight. If you suffer from claustrophobia it will take time to learn the triggers and learn how to better cope with them.

You should never go into a session thinking that one time around will cure you.

This is a condition that takes some time and you will need to learn what to look for and how to best overcome it.

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