How to Stop Nailbiting

There are many ways to stop nailbiting as a habit. It is a difficult habit to break for sure but with some discipline and creativity it can be done. It is important to remember that because all people are different that what works for one person is not going to work for everyone all the time.

How to Stop Nailbiting

Relax One of the primary reasons people bite their nails is due to stress. Learning new ways to relax can help reduce the nailbiting in general. Try breathing techniques or other means to reduce overall stress and see if that has an impact on the habit.

Groom the nails Some people can't stop biting nails because they are trying to fix perceived imperfections in their nails. If this is the cause of the problem then good grooming habits for nails could be the solution. Get a manicure a couple times a month and practice good grooming habits for nails in the mean time in order to prevent those imperfections that just drive one to biting their nails.

Distraction Find something that distracts from the urge to bite the nails. It doesn't matter if its a squeeze ball or some other distraction. Make sure that what ever that distraction is can be easily portable and is not something that will be viewed as socially unacceptable. Nailbiting is considered socially unacceptable. Do not replace one such habit with another. When seeking a proper distraction to help stop biting nails this is an important consideration.

Make it Taste Bad  If the taste is disgusting then the urge to bite nail may stop on its own. There are many over the counter products to achieve this. The first tried may not work but don't be afraid to try different types to find the one that works the best. Some people claim that fake nails are also a good deterant to nailbiting and have reported good success by wearing them to protect their own nails.  

Professional Help If the problem has become so severe as to be an obsession or a compulsion then it is important to seek professional, qualified help to deal with it before it becomes even worse.

There is nothing to be ashamed of if this is the way it has to be. Just make sure to get the help that is needed.

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