How to stop stuttering

Stuttering can be a socially embarrassing problem for those that have to deal with it on a daily basis. Unfortunately there is no magic bullet cure for this problem. There is no pill or shot that is going to magically make it go away. Depending on its severity it might only be able to be reduced instead of completely stopped. The causes of this problem are complex and that results in the treatment for it being equally complex. This does not mean that it is impossible to get rid of it. It just means that it is going to require work, effort, and determination in order to do so. That being said there are some things that the stutterer can do in order to reduce or sometimes prevent their stutter.

How to stop stuttering

Relax.  Tension makes the stutter worse. If a person allows themselves to be physically tense and mentally anxious the chances of them stuttering increase or the severity of the stutter will be worse. This is easier than it sounds but it is a good way to help reduce or eliminate the stuttering depending on how severe the problem truly is.  

Practice talking.  Yes, it can make a person feel silly but practice talking even if it is to one's self in the mirror. Talk about anything. The content is not what is important but the act of speaking is. The more comfortable the person that suffers from stuttering is with speaking aloud the less likely they are to suffer from anxieity making the problem worse. It might not get rid of the stutter but it will make the person more comfortable, confident, and capable of speaking to others despite their disability.  

Focus on when to take breaths when talking will help as well. Breathing is important to communication but it is also important to simply being able to be relaxed. When a person is dealing with an issue of stuttering they might not understand when the right times to take those required breaths are so they have to pay a bit more attention to what others take for granted as simple. 

Get the help of a qualified speech therapist!  This is the most vital thing anyone that wishes to get rid of their stutter needs to do.

The therapist can create a program that addresses the specifics of the individual's unique situation.

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