Mantra meditation

Mantra meditation is commonly thought of as part of Buddhism and Yoga. It is believed that using deep meditation one can transport oneself to other dimensions, do great feats of strength and endurance or simply reach a deeper spiritual state.

Mantra meditation

Though mantra meditation predates Buddhism, it has become a traditional part of Buddhist practice. Mantra meditation is originally an eastern cultural tool that has recently been adopted by many western cultures for relaxation purposes. Yoga and mantra meditation have become part of many western fitness programs; both techniques are eastern traditions that have become part of western culture.  

There are different levels of meditation, but meditation with a mantra uses words or phrases to help deepen the meditative state. Historically, the words used in a mantra meditation were to influence the gods as early human cultures believed in many gods who controlled every aspect of life. Usually the mantra was related to a particular Buddhist god. The one meditating would use the chanting of the god’s name in order to curry their favor.  

Meditation with a mantra these days is used to bring peaceful thoughts, calmness of mind and overall good feelings by chanting personal words and phrases. Some use parts of a poem, others use their favorite verses or phrases from the Bible, while others find one word that brings them good thoughts and repeat it while meditating.

To begin your mantra meditation, you must first find a quiet space where you will be undisturbed by distracting noises or by other people. Then find a comfortable place to sit, relaxing all of the muscles in your body. You’ll want to sit in a position that is comfortable to hold for twenty minutes. 

Next, you start your breathing technique. Rhythmic breathing is a big part of meditation with a mantra, and is crucial to helping you slow down your thoughts and your body rhythms so that you can get into a deep state of meditation. Before you begin chanting your mantra, take a few minutes to take deep breaths in and out to bring your breathing way down to a state of rest.  

Now that you have calmed down your breathing and relaxed your mind, your mantra meditation can begin.  Say your mantra out loud while inhaling and exhaling for a few minutes, then whisper it, then say it in your head. You are now meditating with a mantra.

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