Stop Being Shy

Shyness is a feeling associated with feeling pressured, distant and mostly awkward around a group of people or even a single person. Most people, even if some don't think so, have felt shy around others at some point in time. Some people, however, don't ever stop feeling shy—and that stops them from truly enjoying their lives the way they want.

Stop Being Shy

Shyness is that feeling of awkwardness and/or apprehension some feel when approaching people and/or having other people approach them. Although shyness is associated with introverts, unlike introverts, most shy people have a desire to associate with others, but lack the courage to start. Most of the time, shy people don't know how to interact with others, making them feel anxious and think negative thoughts.

Can people really stop being shy?

It's possible to stop being shy. Getting rid of shyness, however, doesn't happen overnight. 

Shy people desire having the confidence and charisma like outgoing people, but don't know how to develop those traits. Gaining those traits is a process of easing one's self into becoming more confident. The main part of that same process involves doing things that more or less help ease people out of their tightly shut shells. 

Here's a few tips that many people with shyness can read—and possibly try themselves:

Learn how to be social.  It takes many times to get comfortable by interacting more with others; repeating that 'fish out of water' situation helps shy people get more comfortable, eventually losing the feeling of shyness through conditioning.

Learn how to think positive. Many shy people, at some point, thought others judged them in a social situation, but later learned that wasn't the case. These self conscious thoughts usually stop people from acting out, leading to their shyness. Identifying these thoughts takes a lot of weight off people who think too much about being social, possibly encouraging them to break out of their shells. 

Learn how to apply positive thinking and actions. A shy person can learn how to be social or stop thinking negative thoughts when they're with others. It's applying both methodologies, however, that helps them reinforce staying positive and confident.  Even though implementing one or the other methodologies is important, it's even more important to use both.

Shyness is typically the result of over-thinking, negative thoughts and a lack of understanding about one's self perception. Overcoming shyness is more or less about eliminating these negative behaviors. Shy people should remember that, so they can eventually break out of their shells and improve their self perception.

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