Tips to Get Rid of Fear of Heights

Many people suffer form an extreme fear of heights. This fear can affect everyone differently, but can impact your daily activities and interfere with your life. Most people that suffer from a fear of heights experience high levels of anxiety whenever they are exposed to heights. However, this fear does not have to control your life. There are ways to lessen your anxiety and experience a normal existence free of fear and dread.

Tips to Get Rid of Fear of Heights

The process is relatively simple if you follow these easy tips to get rid of your fear of heights.

The first step that you should take to get rid of fear of heights involves finding a therapist that fits your needs. Therapy is a great way to lessen your fear and anxiety associated with heights. After you have found a suitable therapist, meet with them regularly to determine the nature of your fear and the cause. A therapist will be able to find the underlying cause of your fear and be able to treat it accordingly. 

A trained therapist will be able to sort through your thoughts and behaviors to find the central reason for your fear. Sometime fear of heights is found to be a conditioned emotional fear. Therefore, some therapists find it beneficial to expose their patients to controlled situations where height is present. The goal of this course of treatment is to undo the conditioned response of fear and allow you to experience height without anxiety. 

Another way to get over your fear of heights is to gradually expose yourself to different levels of height. This method takes time, but it can be extremely effective in lessening your fears associated with height. Try going up a ladder until you become fearful. Each day go one step higher than the day before until you have reached a height that is substantial.  Have a friend or family member with you as you work on your fear of heights. This can give you added motivation and support. Your fear is in your mind and you must overcome your mental barrier in order to get rid of your fear.

Always remain positive when you are working to overcome your fear of heights. Some days you may make great strides, but other days you may have setbacks.

Always remain positive and stay focused on your goal of getting rid of your fear and anxiety.

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