What is a great Yoga DVD

There are many health benefits to adding Yoga to your daily fitness routine. Besides the increased flexibility and blood circulation that Yoga can give you, it also is a good exercise if you have joint problems and arthritis. Since Yoga is low impact, if you are starting from first base in terms of your level of fitness, you may find that beginning with a Yoga DVD for beginners is easier to stick with than a high impact aerobic routine. Finding a great Yoga DVD depends on your level of expertise and your level of fitness.

What is a great Yoga DVD

Here are some ideas for finding a Yoga DVD that helps you get the most from your Yoga routine.

Let’s start with beginners. If you’ve never done Yoga before, you definitely want to start with the easiest level and work your way up. Precision is the key to doing Yoga correctly and safely more than many other workout routines, so start with a Yoga DVD that teaches you a routine that you can perform at your fitness level.

If you have experience doing Yoga, don’t be afraid to try to increase your endurance by finding a Yoga DVD at an intermediate or advanced level.  If you do push your routine up a notch, make sure to listen to your body.  You should feel a burn in your muscles, not pain. So if you have decided to push yourself up a notch, don’t do anything that can lead to serious joint or muscle injuries. Let your body tell you when a stretch is far enough.  You still have to work your way up slowly and steadily.

And for you Yoga experts out there, you can find the top selling Yoga DVDs on the market through sites like Amazon.  Notice that not all Yoga is created equal. Once you’ve figured out your level of fitness and level of expertise, you will find that there are a number of different types of Yoga styles to choose from. There are Yoga DVDs that focus on breathing and stretching while others focus on strengthening your core through static tension.  

You may also be considering buying a Yoga DVD because you are interested in the cultural and spiritual aspects of Yoga teachings. You can find a Yoga DVD that explains the movements in your routine as they relate to the practice of Hindu and Yoga.  

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