What is depression?

Have you ever felt as though your world was caving in around you with every move that you make and there was nothing that you could possibly do to alleviate these feelings? Well, if you felt this way and it lasted for several days, then it is very possible that you were suffering from a mild case of depression. There are several misconceptions associated with depression which make many people believe that the symptoms of depression are simply a feeling of unrest that will surely pass. Unfortunately, this is not the case for many people. Additionally, if one’s depression is not handled appropriately, then it can spiral into severe depression which can be debilitating and fatal, by nature.

What is depression?

There are a number of symptoms associated with depression, which can be identified within the following list.  One can have feelings of fatigue or loss of energy, trouble concentrating or focusing for an extended duration of time, diminishing or limited interest in activities that once were of great interest to the individual, severe weight gain or severe weight loss, and constant thoughts of suicide or self-harm. While these are not all of the symptoms associated with depression, they cover a great deal of some of the most evident symptoms that may be exhibited by the individual.  If these symptoms are exhibited regularly and constantly, despite time of day or day of week, then it is likely that depression is the appropriate diagnosis.

It is important to remember that if someone that you love has shown signs of depression or been diagnosed as depressed, then it is not something that should be heeded lightly. All assumptions associated with self-harm and suicide should be made on behalf of the cautious side of things, ensuring that the individual is not able to act upon some of their thoughts and feelings. There are a number of crisis lines and mental health professionals who are trained and available to aid those individuals in managing the feelings associated with their depression. Additionally, there are a number of popular medications on the market that can seriously aid an individual in learning to live with and work around their depressive feelings and thoughts.

Something that one should always keep in mind is that depression can not only be treatable in some instances, but it is likely treatable in most, if not all, instances. 

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