What is self-confidence?

Self-confidence is the belief in yourself and your abilities that you possess. Many people believe that you need the self-confidence to be successful in the world. If you have little to no self-confidence you might find yourself displeased with the direction your life is taking you.

What is self-confidence?

Having self-confidence is a very important feeling to possess. It will help you attract the people that you need to attract to better your life. If you have little self-confidence you will attract friends and significant others that will only want to take and never reciprocate. You will find yourself always helping them move, but never finding them help you move. You will also attract the significant others that are only in the relationship because they want or need something form you that you are willing to give it. You might loan them money or buy them little gifts, but notice that they only want things their way and never caring about your wants or needs. You will need the confidence to walk away and find someone that is right for you. 

A person with the right amount of self-confidence will find that they attract friends and significant others that are willing to take what you have to offer, but also want to give back to them. This is a healthy relationship and will make your life happier. 

Self-confidence is also something that you need to possess to get the job of your dreams. You can go to college for years and obtain degrees, but you will not land the perfect job if you do not possess the right amount of self-confidence. You will need to enter the job interview ready to answer their questions with the confidence needed to show your potential employer that you know what you are talking about and you are good at what you do.

Too little self-confidence can be a negative thing and so can too much. People that are overly confident in themselves will find they have very few friends and the friend that they have obtained may feed off of their confidence. This will make all of your relationships less meaningful, thus making your life less happy.

If you have too much confidence in yourself you might give off the air that you are egotistical. Many people do not like to have friends or surround themselves with people that are egotistical. This type of an attitude can cost you relationships, friends, and even employment oppertunites. 

To have a great and happy life you will need to find a happy medium between too little and too much self-confidence.

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