Leonard Axelsson

Leonard Axelsson is an entrepreneur with many creative projects in the making.

He is a trained musician at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen, and has always had a great interest in people. As a musician with eight years of education and experience from a wide variety of areas, he has become an expert in how performance anxiety and other people’s expectations can impede ones ability to relax and perform when it really counts. Over the years, Leonard has improved his method to minimise stress, nervousness, and stage fright—so much so that he today uses it successfully as a guitar teacher and musician coach.

In recent years, he has seen the usefulness and need for his special experience and skills, and how they can be transferred to other areas where performance anxiety and stress can impede the results. In order for other people to benefit from his experience and skills, Leonard has recently begun writing coaching audiobooks in close cooperation with mindly.co.uk.