No More Shy

No More Shy
  • Author: Malte Lange
  • Edition: Audiobook (Download)
  • Language: English

Be less shy and more open and outgoing. This audiobook will help you become more outgoing and open up your potential to meet new people. An effective guide to overcoming shyness.

How to become less shy and more outgoing

You will get an effective guide to open up and stop being shy and timid. The audiobook will help you let go and take the steps to be more open and outgoing.

Be less shy today!

With No More Shy:

  • You become less shy
  • You become more open
  • You become more extroverted
  • You will get help to open up and meet new people
  • You will get all the tools to be in control
  • You will receive a coaching and anti-shyness hypnosis

The way you overcome your shyness is simple, straightforward and very effective. The audiobook is done in an easy listening format where everyone can participate. You do not have to have worked at combating your shyness before, you just have to be open and want to change your shyness!

The audiobook is based on coaching, visualization, NLP and hypnosis. Plus, it includes a number of cognitive exercises and exciting knowledge.

A fun, simple and easy way to get rid of your shyness.

Remember to use headphones, close your eyes, and enjoy the journey.

* Results may vary from person to person. Read more