Overcome OCD – Get rid of obsessive thoughts and compulsions*

Overcome OCD – Get rid of obsessive thoughts and compulsions
  • Author: Malte Lange
  • Edition: Audiobook (Download)
  • Language: English

Do you suffer from OCD (obsessions and/or compulsions) throughout the weekdays, then it is help to retrieve. Using hypnosis you can dampen OCD and compulsions and get a new self-control you before not thought possible.

How to get help so you can get rid of OCD (obsessions and compulsions)

With hypnosis it is possible to escape from obsessive thoughts and compulsions.

We all perform repetitive actions every day, they help us keep track of our lives, and create some kind of predictability and control in our daily life. But for some people it's hard to say stop and decide before a given thought or action is accomplished, these people end up repeating the action over and over again.

It is thus possible to get stuck in a pattern where you repeat the same compulsion or think the same (unproductive) thoughts again and again – where you never get the feeling that it is enough now.

Overcome OCD – Get rid of obsessive thoughts and compulsions is made to help you from being trapped in a pattern where you keep repeating an action or thought. The hypnosis is a resource to break the pattern and regain self-control – and reduce the fear of not doing the action or to think the thought.


What’s included in the Overcome OCD hypnosis?

In the introduction you get an explanation of how OCD can take over people’s lives and how easy it is to break the obsessive pattern with new thoughts and action strategies. You will also be relaxed, find peace and find your time to get rid of everyday stress and start breaking the OCD pattern.

In the hypnosis process, new courses, bridges and thoughts and obsessions are being built, and compulsions are slowly broken and worked out of your mind.


What can you achieve with the treatment of obsessive thoughts and compulsions?

  • You get a relaxing and pattern-breaking hypnosis that reduced OCD and regains your freedom
  • You learn to manage your thoughts and actions by yourself, without feeling anxious or insecure
  • You get both the hypnosis with and without music, so you can get help with your OCD, suited to your preference

The program works best with daily listening for 14 days.

Reduce your symptoms of OCD, compulsions and obsessions – with an effective hypnosis

* Results may vary from person to person. Read more