Quit Smoking Hypnosis - Stop smoking with hypnotherapy

Quit Smoking Hypnosis - Stop smoking with hypnotherapy

The hypnosis is an effective method for anyone wishing to quit smoking. The audiobook includes coaching, hypnosis, experience, advice, effective strategies and various motivational tools.

Learn how to quit smoking in one hour - with effective hypnosis on audiobook

The hugely popular approach to stop smoking using hypnosis - from Coach and NLP Trainer Malte Lange.

It’s an effective hypnosis, that helps you stop smoking – today!

With the Quit smoking Hypnosis program, you get:

  • Re-programming of your thoughts to make the change easy
  • Learn how to avoid the urge and take the focus off smoking
  • Good advice to make smoking cessation easy

The hypnosis program to stop smoking offers you

  • You will be motivated to quit smoking
  • You will be a healthier person
  • You will save A LOT of money each year
  • You will receive all the tools necessary for a successful habit change
  • A hyper-effective coaching and “stop smoking” hypnosis on audiobook

With this audiobook you get:

  • A 60-minute "Quit Smoking" hypnosis session developed and recorded by Coach Malte Lange
  • All the tools to truly and successfully stop smoking
  • Motivation to become smoke-free

The audiobook is easy to use and offers fast, tangible results. This is a super-simple audiobook that anyone can figure out how to use.

IMPORTANT: Never use the audiobook while driving, operating machinery or during any other task which requires your full attention.

For best results, listen to the audiobook with headphones while lying in a comfortable place where you cannot be disturbed.

* Results may vary from person to person. Read more

Module 1: Introduction and motivation to quit smoking

In the first module you will learn how the program works, how it has been developed – and how it produces results. You will become committed and make a promise to yourself about succeeding this time, actually make the change and quit smoking forever.

  • Introduction
  • Development of the method
  • Background knowledge
  • Commitment

A soft start and understanding the method.

Module 2: About making a change

In the second module you will hear about all the good reasons to stop - which you probably know. Learn a lot of new and crucial facts about smoking and approaches to quitting the habit. 
You will experience how it will feel 20 years from now – if you don’t quit smoking and how your life will change if you do.

  • Logical argument
  • Create the change
  • Heaven if you do, Hell if you don’t
  • Enjoy life while you have it

More in-depth and challenging.

Module 3: Suppression of smoking urges and needs shifting

In the third module we will go in-depth with your smoking needs and habits – and remove them. Together we will change all situations where you previously smoked and substitute them with new and reinforcing options.

You will have a big chance to tweak this part to suit you, your habits and your liking.

  • Killing the urge
  • Changing need
  • New options and chances
  • Your influence

Deep and life changing. It will move and change you more than you thought possible.

Module 4: Personal strength and change of habits

In the final module we will strengthen you and create a compelling future. It’s a future without cigarettes and with a new sense of freedom, energy and vitality. You will be strengthened and together we will go through your entire life and remove the smoking habit.

  • Strengthening of you
  • Change of habits
  • Timeline intervention
  • Future, freedom and energy

Time for a change and actions that last.

* Results will vary from person to person, we can't guarantee the results depicted on the site. Read more

Maia S.H.
Wednesday, 27. March 2013
I purchased the audiobook about five weeks ago. I haven’t smoked since—in spite of a very sick horse the day after I began listening to the audiobook. Being stressed about my horse’s welfare it would have been easy to light a cigarette, but thanks to the great coaching it wasn’t that hard to resist.

I have quit smoking before, but must admit that this time I needed help. After searching for opportunities on the Internet, and finding some rather expensive options, I thankfully found your audiobook. The price was affordable—everyone can afford to spend 150, - kr.! It worked and now I’m smoke free.

I don’t know if there’s an obvious improvement in taste and smell, but I certainly feel fresher with more surplus energy.

I’m recommending your audiobook to anyone who cares to listen. My husband has also started to cut down on smoking. The horse isn’t sick anymore—just waiting for the bill, which I can afford since I no longer smoke and hence don’t spend fortunes on hypnosis, patches, gum, and the like. Thank you!

* Results will vary from person to person, we can't guarantee the results depicted on the site. Read more