Music for Mindful Living

Music for Mindful Living

Music for Mindful Living gives you mindfulness music for the entire day, from you get up in the morning till you go to bed. The perfect album for those who wants a more mindful day or wish to supplement a life of mindfulness.

Music for the entire day with Mindful Living

With the album Music for Mindful Living you get mindfulness musik for several different parts of your day; when you get up in the morning, are at work, need to relax, and when you go to bed.

The music helps you keep your attention in the present with a mix of pleasant tunes, light singing and associating sounds from the world around us.

Music for Mindful Living is composed by Henrik Koitzsch who uses his extensive knowledge about what music can do and which tunes will help guide you in the direction of what you want.

The tracks are played with 432 Hz known as the golden ratio of the universe - a particularly harmonious ratio that recur throughout nature e.g. in plants and animals, but also in the Sun, the Earth, the Moon and the other celestial bodies. The golden ratio, also called Phi, is in other words one of the universe’s fundamental proportions which the entire world is derived from, and one which is perceived especially pleasant and harmonic for us humans - perfect for music for more mindful living.

With Music for Mindful Living you get

The album Music for Mindful Living contains 4 independent pieces of music, each focusing on a particular part of the day. That way you can always give your day an extra shot of mindfulness when you need.

Mindful living 1 - Waking up

The first part of the album starts softly and gives you a fresh start of the day with a mix of piano and guitar tunes supplemented with bird sounds and light singing i the background. The perfect piece of mindfulness music to start the day.

Duration: 11:57 minutes.

Mindful living 2 - Work

The second part is more energetic than the first part and helps you to focus when you are at work so you won’t languish and let your thoughts fly. The track keeps you present without being disturbing and is a great support in the workplace.

Duration: 11:25 minutes.

Mindful living 3  - Relax

When you get home from work you probably need to relax a little and just spend 10 minutes to collect yourself. Often, that’s all it takes, and here’s where the third part of the album comes into its own. A great piece of mindfulness music where you can put the work day stress behind you, center your mind and get ready for the rest of the day.

Duration: 9:35 minutes.

Mindful living 4 - Sleep

The last part of the album prepares you for a good night’s sleep where you let your body feel its natural sleepiness and don’t focus on the day’s events. A good way to end a mindful day.

Duration: 13:33 minutes.

Become more relaxed and present with Music for Mindful living - harmonic mindfulness music for the entire day. Buy now and download at once.

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