The Water Cycle

The Water Cycle

The Water Cycle illustrates the different phases of water, from rain to the sea and back into the clouds. The music is soft, perfect for background listening, but its richness still makes it enjoyable at concentrated listening.

The Water Cycle begins with the sound of single of water drops, eventually illustrated in music. As the sound of rain gets more intensified, so does the music. The listener is invited to different phases of water; from a forest brook, the turbulent stream, calm water, back to the clouds. As different as the water appears, as different are the moods in the music, at times purling, at times mighty as the sea. 

The Water Cycle is a journey, an experience at concentrated listening. As the music at the same time is united in a melodic and harmonic way, it is suitable also as background music. The instrumentation is broad, keyboards such as piano, organ and synthesizers combined with flutes, guitars and strings. In some parts – as in Turbulent River – a percussion section gives the music a jazzy feeling, however all the time with the melody in focus. The different tracks of the album follow without breaks, and though the music changes in style, the listener is kept in a continued flow. The Water Cycle therefore suits Mindfulness as well as for creating a calm background atmosphere. 

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  1. Rain at Dawn
  2. Creationof Groundwater
  3. Forest Brook
  4. Stream
  5. Underwater
  6. The Black Pond
  7. Outlet of the Pond
  8. Turbulent River
  9. Mighty River
  10. Delta
  11. Sea of Serenity
  12. Sea of Dreams
  13. Sea of Consolation
  14. Sea of Ages
  15. Evaporation - Cloud