Pregnancy Yoga DVD

Pregnancy Yoga DVD

Prepare yourself physically and mentally for birth with this lovely yoga DVD for pregnant women made by Trine Hedegaard from Yogini Yoga.

Pregnant Yoga DVD stream - Yoga for pregnant women

Trine Hedegaard has tailored a yoga program for you and the child in your stomach

This pregnancy program will help you to:

  • Strengthen your pregnant body safely
  • Prepare your body and your mind to give birth to your child
  • Prevent or relieve genes, such as pain in the pelvis, lower back and back
  • Learn how to breathe under the veins and cooperate with the obstetric muscles
  • Get a repertoire of moves and posts that can help you during the road work
  • Enjoy a fun yogastund and pay attention to the baby in your stomach

You'll learn to use yoga's simple and effective tools so you can be physically and mentally prepared for the birth of your child.


The Pregnant Yoga DVD contains:

Long Yoga Program (About 85 min.), Short Yoga Program (Approx. 55 min.), Breath Exercises & Baby Meditation (Approx. 10 min.), Guided Relaxation (Approx. 10 min.), Preparing for Birth ).

Suitable for all levels - beginners as well as practiced.


Compose your own yoga program

The Pregnant Yoga DVD is composed of various programs, which you can vary between depending on the energy level and the time.

Some days all you can possibly do is the guided relaxation and baby dating, but you should not worry about it it. Your child, as well as your hormone and nervous system, will love you for it!

Most importantly: Listen to your body and just make the exercises what feels right for you in the given moment.

All you need to get started is a yoga mat or another non-slip surface, a pair of pillows and maybe a blanket for relaxation.

Watch the trailer for Pregnant Yoga DVD here

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