Stimulastik - Gymnastics and stimulation for toddlers

Stimulastik - Gymnastics and stimulation for toddlers
  • Author: Solvej Darré
  • Edition: Video (Download)
  • Language: English

Give your baby the best possible start on life and learn how you can strengthen your child's motoric, senses and development with these simple exercises specially developed by occupational therapists and tailored to children ages 0-1.

Help better your child’s motoric development with Stimulastik

Your child is evolving all the time and therefore it is important that you as a parent take an active part in this development from Day 1. With the video "Stimulastik" you get a number of simple tools that enable you to to strengthen your child's motoric. At the same time, increased touch acceptance and the basis for future social skills are being developed. The Stimulastik video developed by occupational therapist Darré on the basis of years of practical experience in gymnastics and the stimulation of toddlers.

What is Stimulastik?

Stimulastik is based on occupational therapeutic principles, and aims, through play and activity, to stimulate children in their current and next development zone. The Stimulastik focuses on:

  1. General activities that are easy and simple to perform at home.
  2. The occupational therapeutic knowledge of neurology, senses, behavior, language and contact.
  3. The use of several different occupational therapeutic tools and techniques that strengthen your child's balance, sense of touch, and muscles and joints.
  4. The child may have an increased motion joy and bodily experience.
  5. Parents will have an increased awareness of the child's development, as well as strengthening the bond between child and parent.

These are the benefits provided to you and your toddler from the Stimulastik video

This edition of Darrés video about Stimulastik is Revised and with more extensions compared to the original release.

The video is supported by the Occupational Therapist Association, in which the occupational therapist Gudrun Dave has been a consultant on the content. 

All children at the age of 0-1 and their parents can benefit from Stimulastik, this video can also have a positive effect on the sensory development of your child if your child experiences motoric insecurity, ear problems, or are disturbed.

Be present in your child's natural development - buy Stimulastik today, And watch it directly after purchase

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